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   CCC Chapter meeting will be held the second Saturday of each month at 100 Hykes mill Rd York Haven, PA 17370


I would like to invite all members that are interested. I am going to be in VA over the July 4th weekend Dredging on the Rapidan River. I will send out GPS cordinates in email to all members. Guest may come if you are not a member please contact myself at bbennett@goldprostreashuntr.com

The Rapidan river has produced some large gold the area where we will be dredging is 1 mile down stream from approx 12 old mines.

Here is the GPS Cordinates for Chanclersville Boat launch on Rapidan river.


wilderness Run & Rapidan River


The link above is to google maps of it as well.


Hope to see you there.

GPTHA President

Bryan L. Bennett

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